Brenda Borden

Mrs. Brenda Gissentaner-Borden

3rd-5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Gissentaner-Borden currently serves as the 3rd-5th grade teacher.  She has been employed as a teacher at Berean Junior Academy for the last 3 years.  She is skilled in the areas of Science and Mathematics.  As students enter the 3rd-5th grade classroom, they enter a world of academic possibilities.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Borden, students gain valuable skills in all subject areas to prepare them for the transition to the middle school level.  Parents are encouraged to check for weekly class newsletters and homework sheets for student assignments. 

Spend time with your child doing homework and double-checking what they have done on their own.  The support of parents is welcomed and encouraged as it takes a joint effort between home and school to create a successful learning environment for our children.